Z. Hong Zhou, Ph.D

Our state of the art facility is addressing the important scientific problem of solving the structure of SLC4 and SLC26 proteins. I direct the UCLA Electron Imaging Center for NanoMachines (EICN) at UCLA (http://www.EICN.ucla.edu ) with state-of-the-art instrumentation. Our group utilizes high-resolution cryoelectron microscopic (cryoEM) approaches, high-performance computing software, and three-dimensionl (3D) reconstruction methods for determining structures of proteins at the atomic/subatomic resolution. We solved a number of structures to subnanometer resolution and recently to atomic (Zhang et al., Cell, 2010; Liu et al. Science, 2010; ) or near atomic (Yu et al., Nature, 2008; Zhou 2008,) resolutions. We have also established the use of electron tomography technology for the studies of dynamic or pleomorphic structures. The  Kurtz team has obtained a preliminary 3D structure of the AE1 transporter and we are currently refining the model using cryoEM approaches. We are also working on solving the structure of NBCe1-A and NBCn1.

Recent and Selected Publications

Ge, P, Tsao, J., Schein, S., Green, T.J., Luo, M., Zhou, Z.H. (2010) CryoEM model of the bullet-shaped vesicular stomatitis virus. Science, 327, 689-692. PMID: 20133572 PMC Journal – in progress. PMCID: PMC2892700.

Liu, H., Jin, L., Koh, S.B., Atanasov, I., Schein, S., Wu, L., Zhou, Z.H. (2010) Atomic structure of human adenovirus by cryoEM reveals networks of protein interactions. Science, 329, 1038-1043. PMC Journal – in progress. PMID: 20798312.

Zhang, X., Jin, L., Fang, Q., Hui, W.H., Zhou, Z.H. (2010) Atomic cryoEM structure of a non-enveloped virus reveals priming of membrane penetration protein for cell entry. Cell 141. 472-482. PMC Journal – in progress. (featured on cover and PaperFlick video). PMID: 20398923.

Peng, L., Ryazantsev, S., Sun, R. and Zhou, Z. H. (2010) Three-dimensional visualization of gammaherpesvirus life cycle in host cells by electron tomography, Structure, 18, 47-58. (featured on cover)  PMC Journal – in progress. PMID: 20152152. PMCID: PMC2866045.

Zhou, Z. H. (2008) Towards atomic resolution single-particle cryo-electron microscopy. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 18, 218-228. PMID: 18403197. PMCID: PMC2714865.

Yu, X., Jin, L., Zhou, Z.H. (2008) 3.88 Å structure of the cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus by cryo-electron microscopy. Nature, 453, 415-419. PMID: 18449192. PMCID: PMC2746981.

Overall structure of the Ad5 capsid.

Overall structure of the Ad5 capsid.